Administration costs

It is possible to make changes to the loan or borrowers. We charge an administration fee for some changes. A current overview of administration fees can be found on this page.

Making changes

During the term of the mortgage, modifications are possible, in a number of areas. These can, at the request of borrowers, be assessed and, after approval by Hyra Hypotheken, implemented. Administration fees are charged for a number of changes, for example a request to change collateral or discharge from joint and several liability.

Below is a summary of the main (im)possibilities;

Changing the interest rate

Changing or converting the interest rate within the existing fixed-interest period is not possible.

Changing the form of repayment (product conversion)

Changing the form of repayment is or other product conversions are not possible.

End of fixed-interest period

At least three months before the end of the first fixed-interest period, the borrower will receive a message about the approaching end of the first fixed-interest period. This will indicate that renewal is possible at the current one-month variable interest rate. A statement containing the actual interest rate applicable will follow in the month after the end of the first fixed-interest period.

Additional (partial) repayment

An additional repayment on a loan part is used to reduce monthly charges. Only on request and with the written approval of Hyra Hypotheken can an additional repayment be used to shorten the term of a loan part.

If there is an additional repayment during the fixed-interest period that exceeds 10% of the original principal, Hyra Hypotheken may charge a fee to the borrower. The calculation method, conditions and exceptions can be found in our general terms and conditions.