The HYRA service

We’ve pointed out we work according our HYRA-principles, in order to give you the best possible service. This stands for our Help, Reliability and Attention, which ensures you to get the best service you need.


No properties are alike, the same goes for financing them. Our financial specialists are therefore at the disposal of independent advisors, to help them submit or complete a mortgage application. Our borrowers can also count on our help after the (re)financing has been arranged, for instance when changing data.


In addition to providing support with mortgage applications, our financial specialists can also assist advisors with complex applications. Can a mortgage requirement be successfully met at Hyra Hypotheken? What are the possibilities for the professional? Or the resolutions? Our financial specialists want to assist you as much as possible. And sometimes, no is also an answer – as long as clarity is provided quickly. For sure, you can count on us.


In everything we do, we pay attention to the customer. Whether it is the independent advisor, the borrower or other partners: we always think of and from the perspective of the customer’s interests. Because when a customer is satisfied, so are we.

Our product features

We have translated this service into our product features as much as possible. For example, your mortgage interest rate is automatically reduced if you have a lower LTV due to (extra) repayment, and you can choose which NRVT- or RICS-affiliated surveyor you want to engage.

This is where we build the future. Hyra Hypotheken.