A mortgage from Hyra Hypotheken

We provide a mortgage for residential or mixed-use properties intended for rental. But what exactly are we financing, for whom and on what terms? We explain it below.

Our product features

We work according to our HYRA service, which stands for Help, Reliability and Attention. We focus on the wishes and needs of all our customers: we try to think along with our advisors and borrowers (to be) as much as possible.

This also reflects in our product features, which are tailored to the needs of real estate investors and advisors, whereby we ensure responsible financing.

Purpose of a Hyra Mortgage

You can use a Hyra Mortgage for:

  • the purchase of an existing home, intended for rental;
  • the refurbishment of an existing home, intended for letting;
  • refinancing a mortgage loan for an existing home, intended for letting;
  • withdraw excess value by refinancing a mortgage loan on an existing home intended for rental.

Our key product features

Product featuresOur USP's
Minimum mortgage amount€100,000
Maximum mortgage amount€3,000,000
Mortgage typesInterest only and Linear
Fixed-interest period1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 years
LTV Interest only: up to 75% of the market value
Linear: up to 85% of the market value
DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio)1,10 (exeptions at a minimum of 1,05)
Mixed-use properties allowed?Yes, but only when the residential part of the property covers at least 40% of the area, and up to 80% of the market value
Automatic decrease of interest upon (extra) repaymentYes, the corresponding new mortgage rates will start to apply in the first month after the new risk class has been achieved
(Extra) Redemption free of chargeUp to 10% of the original mortgage amount per year
Construction depotYes, minimum of € 25,000 and maximum of €100.000,-
Validity: 12 months
6-month extension possible
Own choice of appraiserChoice of any appraiser affiliated with the NRVT or RICS