Refinance your mortgage

Is your mortgage up for refinance? Or do you have different mortgage needs? For example, to use the surplus value of your properties to buy a new home intended for rental? Then, think about switching to Hyra Hypotheken!

Why switch to Hyra Hypotheken?

There are various reasons why you may want to refinance the mortgage of a home or even of several properties. For example, to use the surplus value to make a new purchase, because the fixed-interest period of the current mortgage expires or because, as a private homeowner, you have the ambition to become a professional property investor. In all cases, you can rely on Hyra Hypotheken.

How can you transfer your mortgage to Hyra Hypotheken?

Your advisor can submit a mortgage application through our application portal. This can indicate that it is to refinance a collateral or portfolio. The application will then ask for specific documents required for refinancing.