What is Hyra Hypotheken?

Hyra Mortgages finances houses or mixed-use properties that are intended for rented, so called Buy-to-let. We ensure that professional real estate investors can obtain a good property mortgage in a pleasant way, through an independent advisor.

Our vision

The number of available rental and owner-occupied homes is scarce in the Netherlands, and it will take at least another ten years before this housing crisis is over. Hyra Hypotheken believes that various parties should build on a future without housing shortages. We believe that professional real estate investors can also offer relief in this overheated housing market. By letting their real estate investments to house hunters – who often do not qualify for social housing or affordable properties for sale – they ensure that the housing stock in the Netherlands increases. Hyra Hypotheken makes this possible.

Our mission

Hyra Hypotheken helps professional real estate investors build their property portfolio. We ensure that they can continue to invest in the Dutch housing market in a pleasant way. Hyra Hypotheken guides these professionals and their independent mortgage advisor with attention, before, during and after a mortgage application. Because at Hyra Hypotheken, you can count on our Help, Reliability and Attention. With our HYRA service, our own financing specialists ensure that the application process is pleasant, smooth and as satisfactory as possible.