Why choose Hyra Hypotheken?

Hyra Hypotheken helps professional property investors to build their real estate portfolio, throughout the Netherlands. We ensure they can continue to invest in the Dutch housing market in a pleasant way. Hyra Hypotheken guides these professionals and their mortgage advisor with attention, before, during and after a mortgage application.

Building the future

The number of available rental and owner-occupied homes is scarce in the Netherlands, and we believe that various parties should build on a future without housing shortages. Hyra Hypotheken believes that professional property investors can offer relief in this overheated housing market. By renting out your real estate investments to house hunters, you ensure that they can still live in a nice environment. And Hyra Hypotheken makes this possible, by offering property investors good property finance.

Investing in the Dutch housing market

Hyra Hypotheken ensures property investors can continue to invest in the Dutch housing market in a pleasant manner. Our product conditions are tailored to the needs of our customers and we advise and assist our advisors.

All this is done with integrity; our financial specialists have extensive experience in assessing and monitoring mortgage applications, where transparency, clarity and knowledge of the market and the customer (KYC) go hand in hand.

Your benefits

  • You apply for a Hyra Mortgage because of:
    • our attractive interest rate;
    • our clear and transparent conditions, without any small print;
    • an excellent service where you will quickly know whether a Hyra Mortgage is possible;
  • The automatic adjustment of the risk class – and therefore often a lower mortgage interest rate;
  • The freedom to appoint an appraiser who is a member of NRVT or RICS;
  • The fact that the interest rate in the signed indicative offer is valid for a total of three months, regardless of any interest rate increase in this period.